The Advantages of Professional Property Management Part 2

Being a landlord requires effort and dedication. If you live far away from your rental property or have other personal commitments, hiring a property management company is a good option. A professional property manager can relieve you of the burden and hassle of managing your income investment properties. This ensures timely payment of rent, proper maintenance of the home, and fewer problems during the tenancy period.


Part 1:



Phone: 925-878-1603


1:38 Finding and Screening Tenant Applications

6:09 Limiting the Number of Occupants

7:25 Month to Month vs Year to Year Leases

10:10 Breaking the Lease

11:35 Subsidized Housing

15:09 Marketing Tenants

16:16 Using Photos to Showcase a Property

17:42 Improving Rental Value

18:21 Collecting Rent on Time

20:43 Deposits

23:47 Delays in Collection

28:25 Who Holds the Security Deposits

30:38 Minimum Lease Recommendation

31:06 Smoking in Homes

32:45 Pros and Cons of Pets, Service Animals

34:44 Utilities and Landscaping Fees

35:39 Renters Insurance

37:59 Inspections of the Property

41:08 Leasing Fees

43:41 Wrap Up/ Contact Info





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