The Benefits of Staging Your Home

Preparing your home for sale can make the difference between a quick sale at full price, and a home that sits unsold for months with several price reductions.

Creating emotional appeal for a home can be as simple as painting, rearranging furniture or clearing the countertops. In some cases, it requires making repairs, completing a renovation project or professional staging.

Pete Sabine and Leslie Whitney share insider tips about staging your home to sell for top dollar. 

0:49 Introduction

1:38 First Steps in Preparing a Home for Sale

3:13 Preparing Vacant and Occupied Homes

4:49 Staging Goals & Strategies

6:44 Over-staging a home

8:06 Neutral colors and content

8:52 Buyers must understand your Marketing Message

9:30 Self-Staging vs. Professional Staging

9:49 Setting your home above the competition

12:14 Buyers buy homes online

13:03 Knowing Your Audience

13:51 Getting Homeowner Approval

14:30 Stagers With Their Own Inventory

15:40 Homeowners Liability

16:25 Staging Plan Process

17:19 Consultation Fees

18:26 Cost of Staging

19:41 What to Expect on Installation Days

21:58 Completed Staging Process

24:36 Removing Staging

25:25 Staging on a Budget

26:49 Obtaining a Home Improvement Loan

29:07 Can a Realtor Pay for Staging

29:46 Wrap Up­

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